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Secret Identity Alias
6 June
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This is my secret identity on the web. And this journal is dedicated towards my fantastic summer escapades.

My 3 friends and I call ourselves The Ninjas, and this summer we've created a list of the all time best ever summer activities, all of which to be done before the end of summer on Labor Day 2011. This journal is your window into our Top Sekret Ninja Summer. Comments, suggestions, and ridicule welcome. Though be aware we will comment, suggest, or ridicule you right back.

I'm a girl, let's just say I'm old enough to vote but young enough to not use the phrase "when I was a kid..." I live somewhere in the US where it's hot right now, exactly where doesn't matter. I'm bisexual, though I have a boyfriend right now, and he's totally hot. People have told me to act my age before, I tend to respond with asking them who decides how people my age should act. I listen to a lot of music, like hanging out with my friends, and probably watch more TV than is considered "healthy." But I also like to read and play sports, at least on occasion, so I'd like to think that it all balances out.